The office is located inside an energy level B rated building. Electrical power is provided by Vindstø that only sells electricity from Danish wind turbines. Where possible, all lights are mounted with LED light bulbs inside and outside the building. The office is sorting its waste into five recycling categories: Organic, paper, plastic, glass and metal

I am driving an electric vehicle when visiting my Danish customers.

Working devices contain batteries to preserve energy, and when possible, energy-saving options are turned on.

Generally, information is stored, managed and transferred electronically to avoid the use of paper, print and physical transport. Training materials are as default provided in electronically formats. Also, subject matter books are usually acquired as e-books. Invoicing is done electronically. To avoid direct marketing and other printed materials, CFN Consult is publicly registered as an advertising protected company (‘reklamebeskyttelse’).

Fairtrade consumables are preferred, and coffee is bought from Nespresso Sustainable Quality program developed with the Rainforest Alliance.

However, there are still areas that can be improved. To maintain a high level of expertise, I am contributing to the development of international best practices and also frequently attend international conferences and training. I, therefore, from time to time travel long distance by air, when it is not possible or feasible to meet virtually.